Nancy Hartney

Nancy Hartney
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OPWC is proud to feature Nancy Hartney on May 29, 2018, 7 p.m. at Nightbird Books.

Nancy Hartney — freelance writer, short story author, regional wordsmith and photographer —  offers all things written. If the Creek Don’t Rise: Tales from the South, a second collection of short stories, flash fiction, and postcard vignettes, builds on her debut collection, Washed in the Water: Tales from the South.

As always there will be a community open mic with 4 minute time limit for each reader. This is programmed to go both before and after our headliner, order based on drawing from a bowl.

According to her website, Nancy Hartney writes short stories with a Gothic flair set in the Deep South.

“My family and I come from Georgia, and while they have mostly died off or moved further south, I still say I hail from Atlanta. My great-great granddaddy wore grey and fought in the War. My daddy was a dirt farmer and Mama a school teacher. Growing up years happened in that strip along the south Georgia-north Florida line on a hard scrabble tobacco farm. We raised hogs, corn and, for a time, cotton. Those days, tomatoes, fresh from the garden, and corn on the cob signaled the beginning of summer. Grits, fried catfish and hushpuppies got served up at least weekly sometime more often, depending on who went fishing. Bird shooting, coon hunting and hounds marked the fall, with tobacco picking, bare feet and watermelons summer hallmarks. Winter meant busting up pine stumps and hauling oak wood for the fireplace. I have lived in California and Texas and, for the last 30 years, Arkansas. My house wine? Sweet tea, of course.”

Her various equine-based news articles accompanied by photographs appear in The Chronicle of the Horse, Sidelines and the Horseman’s Round-up. Her book reviews have appeared in the Fort Worth Star Telegram (Texas) and The Free Weekly (Arkansas), motorcycle touring articles and photographs in American Iron, general interest pieces in the Northwest Arkansas Times, and regional features in the Ozark Mountaineer and DoSouth. Her photographs have been featured by Storyteller Magazine and the North American Foxhunting calendar.

Nancy holds degrees from Florida State University (Tallahassee) and Texas Tech (Lubbock). Along the way, she has lived in north Florida, Georgia, southern California, Texas and Arkansas.


  • Ozark Writers League – Best Fiction 2014 for Washed in the Water: Tales from the South
  • President’s Award, Ozark Writers League, Washed in the Water: Tales from the South