’bout Steve

Steve has been laboring in the Humor Industry since 1979, producing single panel cartoons, greeting cards, limericks, and short poems wholesale and doing standup comedy, poetry readings, and an occasional sermon to the Unitarian Church retail.  He has also taught cartooning at elementary schools, young writers conferences, libraries, and adult education classes.

His cartoons are published by Carol Wilson Fine Arts as postcards. The point of his art is to provoke the greatest audible response in his audience with the least amount of effort, the response is usually laughter, but he is satisfied with almost any loud noise.  To this end, he produces small but chewy nougats of literature and publishes them, as well as his cartoons, as postcards.  He is inordinately proud of the sturdiness of the cardboard on which his work is printed.  “None of this flimsy poetry,” he is fond of saying, “Melts in your mind, not in your hand.”

He likes to think of himself, not as a poet or an artist, but rather as a manufacturer of these “fine little units”.  This is because poets and artists tend to live in attics while manufacturers tend to have large boats in their yards.  One unusual feature of his operation is his Customer Service Hotline.  If you have purchased one of his cartoons or poems and it’s just not working for you, you can call him at (479) 582-0317 or e-mail him, Steve Holst, and he will try to make some sense out of it.  Or if he can’t he will refer you to someone in the medical community who can.  These units can also be ordered through these numbers.  The first one is always free.


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